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Jonathan makes zines under his own name, with Gay 4 Pay Press and Fagdemic, and most of all, in collaboration with community partners.

Some are here, some are not. Some are for sale, some are sold out. Some have digital versions, some are analog only. Poke around!  And shoot an email to to purchase copies of any of these.

My Queer Family on Queer Family

In this zine, I interview people I consider my queer family: my biological brother, my gay brother, my gay father, my queer power sister and my daughter. We talk a bit of ballroom, queer kinship in defiance of rigidity, violence as a family bond, colonial ways of relating and the sweaters of dead mentors.

clone tide

A perzine exploring my ultimate sexual fantasy and paradox: a desire to have sex with doppelgangers of myself. Through erotic fiction and confession, this 2015 zine takes up body dysmorphia, auto-eroticism, sexual assault, disordered eating, self-love and transformation.

Verbal Cigarettes

A zine made in collaboration with residents of Edmond Place, a supportive housing project in Parkdale. These zines, rolled up like cigarettes, are all about smoking. Some are love letters, others political monologues, others quiet reflections.

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