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Fagdemic is an ongoing digital and material art intervention by queer power sisters Jonathan Valelly and Mikiki. It is a slutty, drug-positive harm reduction resource for queer men who party. It is also a vandalism campaign, a perpetually shadow-banned Instagram account, an erstwhile stimulant fix, and a collection of late night conversations. First created in the early days of COVID-19, the project continues doing "hot work in hard times," acting as a voice of critique and defiance in the HIV sector and as a practical tool for partyfags. Book us for game changing workshops about coalition building in queer activism, trainings in harm reduction & ethical frameworks, gentle talkings-to about how to reach the PNP scene, or for your niece's' quinceañera.

Letters to Meth

Letters to Meth is a print zine that was produced in 2019 in collaboration with more than 100 queer and trans meth users who live, work, or play in Toronto's queer Village neighbourhood. It is also documentation of arts-based research that formed a key part of the first phase of the Breaking the Ice initiative at The 519. Print copies may be purchased in support of the project, or a digital PDF version is also available by request.

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